Some buildings need to communicate with the public and require signage that is in character with the architecture of the building.    

Village Theatre signage was designed to evoke the historic past of the original building - a grange hall and one of the earliest buildings in Danville.   The interior redesign of the lobby lowered the finish floor level and facilitated removing exterior handicap ramps and allowing the Lobby/Art Gallery to flow outdoors onto a new "sculpture" plaza.  Design of the new historic-looking marquee involved a public review process. This project was a collaboration with Kirk E. Peterson and Associates.








The California Theatre, the home of the San Jose Opera and Symphony, was an extremely high profile project that ELS Architects shepherded through a schematic and design development process that extended over many years.  Mr. True’s involvement was during the final push to develop the design for construction.  His contributions included preparing the work plans and construction documents for renovation of the historic First Street ornamental façade, replication of the 70’ tall “golden poppy” blade sign, and reconstruction of the historic marquee from study of historic black & white photographs.




An eighty-year old church was relocated, expanded and transformed into a community playhouse hosting a resident theater company and other public functions.  The original exterior ornamental craftsman style details and dramatic arch top windows were retained, and reinforced by new architectural details that relate to the old.