El Macero

An addition to this 1979 home reconfigured an existing bedroom and bathroom and provided an additional bedroom and upstairs den.   The roof over the new den mimicked an existing loft facing west, and captured a view of the Sacramento skyline to the east.  The small balcony points at the view and expresses the strong link between the gallery and the existing house.  The lower gallery is cut short so a covered porch turns the corner and opens to the south-facing backyard.

North Berkeley

The 1927 Mediterranean-style house was not taking advantage of its spectacular view of the San Francisco Bay Area.  The new arced West Terrace captured this view and created visual interest on the west facade from the street below.  The master bedroom addition provides a space which is more in scale and character to the style of the home's grand public rooms, and satisfies the client's requirement of a view of the Golden Gate Bridge from its bed alcove.

Sonoma Coast

A family outgrew their vacation home, and wanted additional space.  The existing architectural form was unique, symmetric and would have been corrupted by expansion.  Instead a separate master suite was added that repeated the geometry of the original, and they were linked with a private porch that provided glimpses of the ocean view.