GTrue Studio engages in a collaborative design process that strives for rational design solutions and Architecture that integrates elements of delight.


Village Theatre Entry.jpg

2008 - 2009:  Architect for the new Village Theatre Lobby/Art Gallery for the Town of Danville.  The ground floor of this historical building included a miniscule entry for the Village Theatre.  The first floor interior was redesigned to provide a new Lobby/Art Gallery, new barrier-free restrooms and a new Box Office and Gallery Bar.  The design also lowered the finish floor level, thereby raising the ceiling, facilitating removing exterior handicap ramps and allowing the Lobby/Art Gallery to flow outdoors onto a new plaza.  Design of the new historic-looking marquee involved a public review process. This project was a collaboration with Kirk E. Peterson and Associates.

shingled cottage rev.jpg

 2008 - ongoing:  Architect for the design of a vacation cottage on the coast of Maine. Solar access, setback restrictions, views, and granite outcroppings, drove a planning process that yielded the site location, orientation and form.  Owners wanted a timeless interpretation of New England vernacular style.  A tight budget required careful study to maximize utilization of space.  The "great" room, master bedroom and screened porch have views of the water.  Interior finishes not completed. 

2008:  Consultant to ELS on the East Oakland Sports Complex during the final push on construction drawings.  Contributions included coordination of consultants and specifications, development of critical details and guidance to junior team members.


2002 - 2007:  Project Architect for ELS on the Grand Theatre Center for the Performing Arts located in the center of the historic downtown in Tracy, California.  This project combined five neglected buildings in the historic downtown into a cultural arts center.  The project also involved a collaborative planning and design process involving the City, the community-based Art’s Leadership Alliance and the architects.  Among the features of this facility, there are two performing arts venues, an art gallery space and studios to offer a course curriculum in visual arts, ceramics, dance and music.  This project has won several awards, including the 2008 Contextual Infill Award from the California Preservation Foundation.

MH window_sign.jpg

 2002 - 2003:   The 1924 Morgan Hill Community Playhouse moved, enlarged and transformed an eighty-year old church into a community playhouse.  Mr. True was Project Architect for ELS  after the initial design phase, and completed the design and guided the playhouse through completion.  Original exterior ornamental craftsman style details and dramatic arch top windows were retained, and reinforced by new architectural details that related to the old.  The original spatial quality of the historic entry foyer and lobby were restored by removing a later second floor addition. 

1st Street thumbnail.jpg

The California Theatre, the home of the San Jose Opera and Symphony, was an extremely high profile project with a large budget, and had a schematic and design development process that extended over many years.  Mr. True’s involvement was during the final push to develop the design for construction.  His contributions included preparing the work plans and construction documents for renovation of the historic First Street ornamental façade, replication of the 70’ tall “golden poppy” blade sign, and reconstruction of the historic marquee from study of historic black & white photographs.